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True Differences

True Thinking


​Truth Seminars will involve deep inquiry into both the products of human thought as well as the methods by which assertions about the truth are thought to be true.  


Students will be trained in and be asked for true critical thinking, to become open-minded skeptics of the world around them.


All Truth Academy actitivities will be framed by the following two questions:


What is True?

How Do You Know?  

True Student Voice

In most school settings, student voice is typically limited to superficial input.  It is a core belief of the Truth Academy that student voice is vital and must be given real power.


Students learn to take responsibility for themselves and their environment by authentic practice.


At the Truth Academy, students are not customers, they are partners.  As such, students will join Academy Governance Committees (AGCs) regarding the following questions:


A Student Advisory Group will be created to help steer questions about curriculum, academy requirements and policies, and other pertinent questions.

True Preparation


Skillful thinking is the best preparation for any life path, including careers, college and the rest of life.​  


For those going into Law or Criminal Justice, skillful study of Truth will deepen notions of "reasonable doubt" and rules of evidence, human rights, and notions of fairness.  Furthermore, students will become expert debaters.


For those going into Science or Mathematics, skillful study of Truth will help them better understand the methods by which science and math decide what is true.


For those going into the Arts, skillful study of Truth will deepen their understanding of what it means for something to be true and what it means to represent the truth.


For those going into the Humanities (History, Literature) or the Social Sciences (Economics, Politics, Psychology, Anthropology, etc.), skillful study of Truth will deepen their understanding of how interpretation interacts with Truth.

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