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The Truthy Way - Our Philosophy


Life is an experience with truth.  The purpose of the Truth Academy is to explore notions of truth through Truth Seminars and other experiences. Our two framing questions for our work:

What is True?  How do you know?



School is designed to help us create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Such a life requires making sense of the countless claims about the world that bombard us on a daily basis.


The Truth Academy believes that a deep and skillful understanding of truth and how it is conveyed is the best foundation for any college experience, any career, and any life path.    






All students in the Truth Academy will become 


1- productive and responsible members of a diverse global community.

2- open-minded skeptics of the world around them, including their own words, thoughts, and beliefs.

3- skilled at constructing and deconstructing truth claims.

Instructional Methodologies


Effective learning takes place when teachers create educational environments through which students construct their own understanding. To achieve this, Truth Academy students will participate in:


  • Experiential Learning - learning by doing

    • Field Trips

    • Project-based Learning

    • Authentic Learning

    • TedX Conference (or Truth Talks)


  • Cooperative Learning: Working with others

    • Active discussion

    • Seminar participation


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