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Truth Seminars

Students will enroll in at least 3 out of the following four Seminars:



Persuasion - How do we decide what is true and what is false?  How and why do people change their minds?  What counts as a "reasonable" argument?


Ways of Knowing

Logic & Emotion

Truth and the Law

Argumentation and Rhetoric


Power: - How is truth used by those in power and what is the power of truth to find the answers to life's most important questions?


Conspiracy Theories

Ethical Reasoning

Faith and Religion

Lies, Scams, and Rackets


Media - How do people come to understand the world through the filter of the media?  What's the difference between the truth of fiction and non-fiction?


History vs. Hollywood

Wikipedia and Truth

Truth and Media

Truth and Humor


Free Will - Are people the captains of their ships or is the ocean?  How do choices and circumstances interact to create a life and a society?




Choices vs. Circumstances



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