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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Truth Academy different from other academies?

Most academies, both at MHS and around the nation, are focused on career paths.  At the Truth Academy, we believe preparation for a career is valuable - but we differ in what that preparation looks like.  We believe the best preparation for a career, military service, college, and life in general, is to help students become better thinkers and debaters.


Will the Truth Academy have sections of core classes (English, Math, History, and Science) in the Academy?

Manchester High School guidance counselors will do their best to group Truth Academy students together into core sections but given the constraints of scheduling, no students can be guarenteed to be in such sections.


Can I still take electives that are not part of the Truth Academy?

Yes, any student can take any electives in any department at MHS!


Will my Academy designation show up on my transcript?

Only if you wish to.  You'll have that option.


Have another question?  Please email:

Mr. Parag Joshi at

Lead Teacher of the Truth Academy

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